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More than 170 years of Toledo confectionery tradition

The story begins approximately in 1850 with Pedro Ruiz Vázquez in La Mata (Toledo).

José Ruiz Bolonio
Vicente Ruiz Sánchez

He continues with his son José Ruiz Bolonio born June 1, 1878, also in La Mata.

The next to continue with the business is his son Vicente Ruiz Sánchez-Ortiz born April 5, 1902.

Up to this point, they all carry out their activity in La Mata and family members say that they had the workshop in their own home, which they transformed for the business, especially during the Christmas season.

The business used to be passed on to the children when they married and had their own family.

They mainly manufactured chocolates, nougat,…

Federico is the first to leave La Mata to study and receive his training, graduating in 1961 from the Professional School of Confectionery and Bakery in Barcelona.

Federico settles in Santa Olalla after returning from his studies and begins his professional career in 1962. The first thing he opened was a bakery in his home for the Christmas campaigns and a pastry shop to continue making different pastry and confectionery items throughout the year.

In 1986, the company Mazapanes Ruiz was incorporated as a limited company and began to manufacture only Christmas products.

In the year 2000, together with his son José Antonio Ruiz Blanco, they became interested in the world of chocolate and traveled to Italy where they visited several chocolate machinery manufacturers and began researching and studying these products in order to incorporate them into their production.

In 2002 José Antonio Ruiz Blanco travels to Switzerland with the firm determination to train in the machinery that they have finally decided to acquire.

Federico Ruiz Peinado
José Antonio Ruiz Blanco

In 2005, the production of chocolate products began.

José Antonio Ruiz Blanco

Next in line of succession is José Antonio Ruiz Blanco born March 12, 1965 in Toledo. He joined the family business in 1988, after having studied several monographic courses in food and trained and graduated in Business Management in 1988 from the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

In 2021 José Antonio Ruiz Blanco founded Xocolalla s.l. dedicated to the manufacture of chocolate products, where he transfers his experience of almost 20 years in the manufacture of these products.

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